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Mix up Halloween this year with fudge!

Posted on Fri 11 Oct 2013 (10:11am)


With Halloween looming, you may be wandering how could you ‘spice up’ your Halloween party this year or from what has become the established convention of treating unexpected ghoulish visitors to your bowl of party mix from your local supermarket.

Make your wedding favours stand out from the rest!

Posted on Mon 12 Aug 2013 (9:33am)

August is notoriously popular period for ‘tying the knot’ and a time for excitement, joy, hope and merriment. It is very easy to get engrossed in the enjoyment of it all. The bride and groom are planning their forthcoming wedding and brightly coloured future and have nothing but the best of intentions, when suddenly they can be thrown off their cheerful path and into some unforeseen issues because there is so much to think about and organise.

Ideas for your Deeping Fudge

Posted on Fri 26 Apr 2013 (5:26pm)

Fudge as we know it (and sell it) is available as bars either bought whole for the fearless fudge lover or cut into perfect bite sized pieces for a more delicate and measured taste experience.
However, what many fudge lovers don't try is gently heating the fudge to create an indulgent and sumptious sauce. We've come up with some ideas of what to do with your Deeping Fudge sauce although remember they are only suggestions so feel free to experiment and come up with your own fudge creations!

A closer look at dairy free fudge

Posted on Fri 15 Mar 2013 (11:01am)

At Deeping Fudge we try to cater for all tastes with our range of flavours and we also like to make sure that our home made fudge can be enjoyed by everyone. With this in mind we have spent a lot of time developing our dairy free fudge so that lactose intolerant or dairy sensitive sweet lovers don’t have to miss out.

Flavour of the month: January

Posted on Tue 12 Feb 2013 (11:20am)

Our flavour of the month for January was by far our Millionaires shortbread fudge. This was our best selling fudge in January, as well as being the most searched for flavour in Google, and we can see why. What more could you want in these dark and cold months than a perfect combination of chocolate, vanilla and caramel fudge with more chocolate sprinkled on the top for good measure.

A new online fudge shop!

Posted on Thu 20 Dec 2012 (9:59am)

New online shop live

Our re-vamped shop is now live! With the ability to create your own fudge boxes by picking your favourite flavours we have tried to create an enjoyable fudge shopping experience.

How it works:

Click on ‘the fudge shop’ as normal and select the ‘add to box’ button below the image of your favourite fudge flavour, for example ‘chilli & chocolate’. This will then be added to your first box.

Flavour of the month: November

Posted on Mon 3 Dec 2012 (4:56pm)

It’s a retrospective flavour of the month for November as we have been so busy getting ready for the Christmas market season, but looking back our most popular bar last month was without a doubt our malteser fudge. This was the most searched for fudge flavour on the internet and luckily Google leads them straight to us!

Flavour of the month: October

Posted on Mon 29 Oct 2012 (12:06pm)

The flavour of the month for October is... Lemon Meringue.

We know summer is well and truly over but throughout October our surprise best seller was our Lemon Meringue fudge! A refreshing and light lemon fudge we’ve added meringue pieces for that bit of crunch and authentic lemon meringue experience.

Flavour of the month: September

Posted on Tue 18 Sep 2012 (12:29pm)

As the nights get darker earlier and the cold weather starts to creep up on us, the Chilli Chocolate fudge is the perfect way to warm up. Our new and improved Chilli Chocolate fudge is made with rich, dark chocolate fudge, chilli powder and a number of special spices to give it a unique flavour.

This is a fudge flavour for those who like something a little bit different. Buy it now from the online fudge shop for just £2.50 a bar – and get free postage!

Flavour of the month: August

Posted on Mon 20 Aug 2012 (4:19pm)

The flavour of the month for August is … raspberry ripple.

Made with real raspberries, it’s not hard to see why our homemade raspberry ripple fudge is a hit with all ages. The fudge is handmade with fresh ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible.