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How do I buy fudge from Deeping Fudge?
You can either buy direct online from our fudge shop, or you can come and see us at one of our events. All upcoming show dates are available on our events page.

Is there a minimum quantity required?
We require a minimum of four bars in every order.

Storing the fudge

How should I store my fudge?
We recommend storing the fudge in a pantry, larder, or any other dark place – not the fridge – at ambient temperature.

How long will the fudge keep fresh for?
We include a best before date on every piece of fudge so please check for individual dates as different fudges have different shelf lives.


I want to send some feedback about a product/the website. How can I contact you?
We welcome all feedback about our products and the website, and want to ensure you have a great experience shopping with us. Please send your comments to

There’s a problem with the website when I try to order!
If you encounter problems when trying to order, please contact us at or phone us on 07973 368 611 and include as much information as possible.