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The History of Fudge

Unlike other types of confectionery, fudge has only been in existence for around 130 years. First discovered in America around 1886 it was originally harder than fudge today with a much grainier texture.

The earliest mention of fudge was in a letter written by Emelyn Battersby Hartridge in April 1886. Her original fudge recipe, which she sold at Vassar College, used four simple ingredients: granulated white sugar, cream, chopped unsweetened chocolate, and butter (source: The Nibble – Speciality Foods Magazine).

At Deeping Fudge, we believe that hand made fudge is the best! We work from a traditional fudge recipe similar to Emelyn’s, which has allowed us to produce award winning fudge for many years.

We don’t overcomplicate our fudge mixture by adding artificial preservatives: as our fudge is hand made to order, you can expect the fudge to stay fresh for a reasonable amount of time.

We take pride in the fact that our gourmet fudge is hand made by us. We also grow our own seasonal fruits for some of our fudge flavours, and source other ingredients locally wherever possible.